I am really glad that you found Pickle Heaven Press!  My simple ambition is to use life stories and scripture to bring a smile to your face and provide fodder for your soul – to help us think and even feel more deeply about our journey with Jesus – sometimes sweet, sometimes sour – but always good!

So why Pickle Heaven?   I was a poor college student with a lovely wife and 2 preschoolers.  Our once a week treat was to go out to eat, but we had to go through the ritual first.   “Daddy, can we go to McDonald’s again?”   I would tease them and say, “Well I was thinking about going to that new (fictitious) place called Pickle Heaven.”  “No daddy!”  “OK, McDonald’s it is.”   We did that every week for nearly a year until one day my 4-year old asked, “Daddy can we go to Pickle Heaven today?”  Oops!

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