I recently visited the office of a headhunter (the kind that shrinks the ranks of the unemployed not heads).  He seemed sincere about finding me a position and suggested that I email a copy of my resume.  He offered to evaluate it and make some helpful suggestions. 

So, I went home, pulled it up on the PC, brought the info up to date and pasted on the customary pictorial head shot at the top.  It looked impressive to my eyes.  I triple checked the whole thing and then hit the send button.    A day later he responded with a suggestion. 

He wrote, “I would recommend removing your picture!”   What?  Well that can’t be right – let me read it again more carefully.  Oh, it says, “I would recommend removing your picture!”  (I wish I were making this up, but it’s true.)

Wow!  This can only mean one thing.  My headhunter does not like my head!!!!! 

He thinks the presence of my image on my resume is a liability to getting a job.  I wonder why?  Could it be my Frankenstein scar or my moonscape complexion?  Or maybe it’s my teeth that have a strong resemblance to Stonehenge. 

So, what if I remove it, but an employer gets my resume and decides to give me a face-to-face interview.   Will they see me and then tear their eyes out from the trauma?

I suspect the issue is mostly about my snow-white hair and beard.  I get it.   No one wants to hire a Santa Claus (except in December). 

This is a tough one.   I am all about striving to be smarter and more capable than I was yesterday.  I want to make progress and grow.  I just want to be better BUT there is little I can do to improve my face.  I started out in life with rosy cheeks, velvety skin and a wisp of red hair and it’s has been downhill ever since – no remedy!    (Is it just me, or do the Hollywood types who do the lifts and Botox look worse than they did before?)

Thank God I have another image that is improving.  Paul reminds me that God’s plan for me is to, “be conformed to the image of his Son.” (Rom. 8:29) This means that He is replacing my old image with the image of Christ.  His heart, values, even His character are all growing in and on me.   It’s a process that started the day I came to know Jesus; it continues (Phil 3:10) and will be completed the day I meet Him face-to-face. (Phil 3:21) – all possible because Christ lives in me (Gal. 2:20)

It’s a subtle process to be sure, but it is discernible.  I visited with some childhood friends last year and we talked about the old days (some of which were good).  My wife was there listening and was shocked to learn about the old me.   

She heard me apologize for breaking into one friend’s house.  She listened as I asked another to forgive me for the “bus incident.”   I once stood with him as he waited for the city bus to get to work.  It came, but I thought it would be funny to waive the driver on.  My friend missed his bus, which made him late for work which made him unemployed.  (Hey! I know a good headhunter!)

My wife couldn’t understand how her husband could have been that other person too.   She was dazed but I was darn grateful to know that I had been changed.  Jesus was showing.

You may not be any better looking than I am.  (Well you probably are).  If you are in Christ, however, you are improving.  Don’t fight it!  Allow the Lord the freedom to reshape your marred image into the magnificent image of His Son.