Such a great story!  The headline said, “Woman remarries husband with dementia after he forgot about first nuptials.” 

So, he forgot his first wedding.  If I did that my wife might hit me on the head with some nuptials.  Ah, but Bill had a valid excuse. 

He and Anne had been married for 13 years.  Along the way, he slipped into dementia.  Anne became his devoted caregiver but as the disease advanced, his married memories faded.  He eventually even forgot her name in the fog.

And yet he grew fond of her.  She was always there and sweetly attentive to his needs.  So, one day he popped the question, “Will you marry me?”   

She was amused and assumed he would soon forget.  But the thought lodged itself in his cerebral cortex.  He pestered her until she relented and said, “That would be lovely Bill.”

In August 2019, Anne walked down the aisle to their original wedding music, they exchanged their vows and then experienced what she called “the wedding effect,” for six weeks after.”


He had forgotten his first love – but he had a valid excuse.   Some of us don’t!

Jesus spoke through the pen of John the apostle to the ancient church at Ephesus.   They were having heart problems.  He said, “You have departed from your first love!”  Revelation 2:4

The church was about 45 years old at that time.  They probably started out as many of us do – with a fervent, personal uninhibited love for Jesus.  It even spilled out and touched the lives of others.  But spiritual dementia set in.   

Over the years, serving Jesus became more important than spending time with Jesus.  They substituted labor for love and passion for doctrinal purity.  They forgot to whom they were pledged.

It brings to mind that scene from Fiddler on the Roof, where Tevye questioned the devotion of his dutiful but distant wife Golde, “Do you love me?”

Maybe your first love is lagging.  Is it possible to do what Bill did – to fall in love all over again with the very same person? 

It is, according to Revelation 2:5, “Therefore, remember from what high state you have fallen and repent! Do the deeds you did at the first.”   NET Bible ®

It starts with recalling what life was like back when your love for Jesus was fresh. 

I was visiting an elderly patient in my capacity as a Hospice chaplain.  She was in somewhat of a foul mood, especially frustrated with her ability to recall.  So, I took my phone and did a search for the name of the small town where she was raised. 

I hit the jackpot!  I found lots of wonderful black and whites of the schools, churches, special places, graduating classes and so on.  Every time I brought up another picture, she was joyfully transported back. When I left her, she was smiling and in a much sweeter, better place.  All she had to do was to remember. 

We need to reimagine that sweeter simpler time with Jesus.

The passage also reminds us to repent which is to change our minds about the choices we’ve made.  I’m ready for a change. 

And then we’re encouraged to do the deeds of old, the things we did when our love was fresh. 

– Most of us spend time listening to the one we love.  Is there time in the day that we can drink from His Word and allow His Spirit to use it as God’s voice?

– Most of us really like talking to the one we love.  He truly listens with great interest when we pray.  Maybe we need to get beyond the grocery list of needs and have a heart-to-heart with Him about what really matters?

– Most of us try to please the one we love.    As a teenager, I changed my hairstyle because a certain girl thought it was cool.   I wonder what changes I could make in my attitude and behavior that would bring a smile to Jesus.

– Most of us give to the one we love.  I once bought my girlfriend a crockpot.  OK I am not as dumb as you think!   She eventually became my wife and every time she made me a meal in that crockpot – I felt just a little closer to her.   

One of these days Bill may wake up in heaven and discover that he had been a bigamist – two times in love and married to his singular soulmate.  May we experience the same with Jesus!

A PRAYER: Lord, stir the embers of my heart into an inferno for You!