a simple but extremely meaningful way to read the Scripture

For my East Texas friends.  Sharie and I are starting a 3Q Bible Study in our home the first Thursday in October.   This is not nor will it ever be a church plant, just an effort to equip each participant with a simple but extremely meaningful way to read the Scripture.  We will meet in our new home in White Oak.  Read on for more details….


You have probably seen all the videos and worked through lots of book studies, but how often have you had a firsthand discovery experience in the Word of God?   


The 3Q Study is a Bible study experience designed to equip each participant with a simple but extremely meaningful way to study the Scripture, and even to prepare them to lead a 3Q group of their own.  The 3Q represents 3 Questions that that should guide the study of Scripture.

1. What do I see?                      – Observation

2. What does it mean?               – Interpretation

3. What do I do with it?              – Application

HOW? – The class would begin with some basic instructions on how to study the Bible.  Students would then be emailed a weekly worksheet to help guide them through the Bible book that is studied.   When the class comes together, Jim will lead mostly by facilitating the discussion that the students generate through their own study.  

WHO IS LEADING?  – Jim Johnson is the primary facilitator.   Jim led Fellowship Bible Church of Longview for 32 years.  His ministry as a pastor is complete.  He has no ambition to plant a church or pastor one, but he does have an ongoing burden to equip the church. 


Jim has brought this study to Fellowship Bible of Longview, Hillview Baptist church (Henderson) and White Oak Community Church (White Oak).  This is what the students have had to say, “Great way to dive into the Scriptures whether you are a beginner or lifelong Bible reader.”  “I highly recommend taking this class.”  “A must do if you are serious about your Scripture study.”  “It was fun and informative.”    “The 3Q approach to studying scripture has really enhanced my understanding of God’s word in such a powerful way. It has taught me to break down scripture verse by verse and word by word to get the who, why, where and when of what the Author is trying to convey. I’m 63 years old and have found this to be the most effective method for the comprehensive study of scripture that I have ever used.”   “This has the most rewarding time in God’s Word I have ever had and I attribute my growth in The Lord to now having a great learning tool at my disposal. I highly recommend this study.”

WHO IS WELCOME? – Everyone couples and singles!  No childcare however!

WHERE? – We will meet in the home of Jim and Sharie Johnson – 113 Wood Creek Court (In White Oak) 

WHEN? – Thursday evenings, 7 – 8:30 or so.   Our first meeting will be Thursday October 6th.

The class will run through the end of the school year 2023, and at that point we will disband.  Why so long?  Most classes are, “show them how to do it and expect them to do it on their own.”  This is a “Do it with them” experience.   By the time we are done with this class you should get it and carry it on. 

HOW MUCH?  – No charge!


            – To be committed to and involved in a local church.

            – To attend the 3Q study on a regular basis.

– To print off the worksheet each week and use it to explore the Scripture.

– To participate in the discussion. 

WHAT 3Q IS NOT?  This is not nor will it ever be a church plant, nor an effort to replace the local church.  This is a study with a terminal date, designed to equip you so that you go can and bless your local church with what you have learned.

SO HOW DO I SIGN UP?   Go to the contact tab on this web site.  Send me your name and email and let me know you’ll be coming.  I can also answer any questions you might have there.