Here is some of the original fruit of the Jesus Revolution. This is the band Tetelestai. The name is taken from the Greek rendering of John 19:30 which translators rendered, “It is Finished.” The words of Jesus as He made the final payment for our sins on the cross. Great significance to the name. Unfortunately few could pronounce it.

The band was formed in 1973 and did ministry throughout the greater Central Ohio region. Pictured are Star McClendon (to the left) Les Zartman (in the middle) and Jim Johnson (to the right) Unfortunately our excellent bass player Gary Morrow is not pictured here. The song link is called “New Man Now” and was written by Les Zartman as a testimony of what Christ had done in each of our lives.

Sadly Jim Johnson is the only remaining member of the band. The rest are happily united with Jesus.