In the beginning – there was just the taxi until Uber and Lyft came along.   The taxi took its name from an invention by Wilhelm Bruhn in 1891.  He called his device a taximeter and it was designed to measure and record the distance traveled.

In my youth, I aspired to be a taxi driver.  I got my license and a job and was ready to go.  I assumed I would be paid by the hour, so I was surprised to find that I had to lease the cab each day, and pay a per mile fee, and cover tolls and airport fees and then purchase the gasoline from the overpriced company pump. 

On Monday and Tuesday, I took home about $20 each day.  Wednesday, I barely broke even.  Thursday, I owed the company money after working a 12-hour shift.  Friday, I quit!  I am not the brightest, but I believe a person is supposed to earn money when they work. 

But my week was not a total waste.  The people I met were amazing.  I transported a brainy nuclear physicist with a Ph.D. to his workplace.  Then there was the lady who would not get out of my cab until she got me to trust Jesus (even though I was already saved). 

I picked up a fare at 6 a.m. – a man in an expensive business suit.  He was headed to a downtown office tower, but not until I dropped him off at a downtown bar where he sipped his liquid courage.  And then there was the prostitute who wanted to trade her services for the ride.  No deal!  

I transported about 40 surprisingly different people in those four days – and yet they all had one thing in common.  They all needed a ride.  The rich, the poor, the pious and the reprobate.  Some were highly educated, others just barely. Men and women of every color, speaking multiple tongues and they all needed me to give them a ride. 

That so much reminds me of the Gospel. 

Wasn’t it Paul who wrote, “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”  –  Romans 10:9   Our desired destination is to be with the saved in heaven.

To get there we need to hitch a ride with Jesus.  His words are more obvious than a yellow cab.  He said, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  – John 14:6

To “confess,” is to agree with God concerning the person and the work of Jesus and to take your stand there.  To “believe in your heart” is to fully embrace the jarring truth that Jesus was crucified, died, was buried and then rose again.   

And who is welcome to come aboard?  Any and everyone according to Paul.  Later in that Romans passage he wrote, “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”  – Romans 10:13.   The door is open to all – the physicist, the moral soulwinner, the imbibing businessman, the prostitute and even you and me.  

We enter as broken sinners and emerge as new people with powerful spiritual potential.  But the best part about this deal is that Jesus pays the fare. 

Revelation 1:5 says, He “has set us free from our sins at the cost of his own blood.”   “At the cost of His own blood!”  Jesus shed His blood on a cross so that we would not have to.

So, keep your cash, put away that debit card, and don’t even try to barter or trade your services for His gift.  Because Jesus paid it all!  Confess Him as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead and you too will be saved.

A PRAYER: Lord this is a very old message, but it blows like a fresh breeze on my soul every time I hear it. 

This has been Jim Johnson and

May the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you

Scripture references are from the NETBible ®

*Taxi Picture by Peter Milosevic from